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Creation, Salvation, Deification

Creation, Salvation, Deification - 05/31/18

Creation, Salvation, Deification

A Series of Talks by Abbot Damascene of the St. Herman of Alaska Monastery, Platina, CA

In this series of talks, we’ll be examining the Orthodox teaching on the creation of the universe and on the first-created world. This teaching is inextricably tied with the teaching on redemption and on eschatology—the final state, beyond the General Resurrection—so a good portion of the talks will be devoted to these topics as well. We’ll be looking at these subjects in a generally chronological order. First we'll examine the creation of the universe. Then we'll discuss the incorrupt state of man and the cosmos before the fall; then the death and corruption that entered at the fall; and finally the redemption and salvation of man and the universe by the incarnate Son of God, culminating in their final, perfected, and deified state after the Second Coming, when death and corruption will be permanently overcome.

The talks, therefore, will comprise what might be called a creation-salvation history, a theological panorama of everything, past, present and future. This panorama will attempt to show the interconnectedness of our theology, and why the Orthodox doctrine of creation matters, not just for our understanding of how we and the world were made, but also of how we are saved.


Hieromonk (Priest-monk) Damascene is an American convert to Orthodox Christianity who was brought to the Orthodox Faith by Hieromonk Seraphim Rose of Platina. While a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Fr. Damascene received his initial spiritual formation from Fr. Seraphim. Having continued his studies at the University of California at Berkeley for a year following Fr. Seraphim’s repose, in 1983 Fr. Damascene joined the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, which had been co-founded in 1963 by Fr. Seraphim Rose with the blessing of his spiritual father, St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco.

Fr. Damascene has now lived for thirty-five years as a monastic in the St. Herman Brotherhood, in two of its monastic communities: the St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, California, and New Valaam Monastery on Spruce Island, Alaska.  From 1985 to the present, Fr. Damascene has been the editor of the international periodical The Orthodox Word. During that time he has edited over thirty books of Orthodox Christian hagiography, theology, and spirituality, all of which have been published by the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.

During the last thirty years, Fr. Damascene has given lectures in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Russia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. In universities, churches, bookstores, and community centers, he has lectured on Eastern Orthodox spirituality and theology, and on the life and message of Fr. Seraphim Rose, whose spiritual inheritance he strives to pass on.

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